Alone in the Wilderness - the story of Dick Proenneke
Bob and Bob Sr. in Alaska


Bob Swerer Sr. & Jr. first met Dick Proenneke back in 1986 while filming wildlife in the Twin Lakes area. Their mutual interest and passion for hiking the hills and filming wildlife led to their long friendship and to the PBS productions of "ALONE IN THE WILDERNESS", "ALONE IN THE WILDERNESS part II", "ALASKA SILENCE & SOLITUDE" and "THE FROZEN NORTH" .


Bob Jr carrying the camera


Bob Swerer Sr. and Bob Swerer Jr., natives of Colorado, live close to their beloved Rocky Mountains.

This team who both share a great love for the wilderness and its wild things, have filmed wildlife and nature from Alaska to Africa.

Bob Sr. with our camera


To gather footage for their films, it is common for these two serious nature photographers to hike many miles through deep snow on snowshoes with heavy camera gear, or to spend weeks of cold wet nights in a tent in the backcountry of Alaska.

As you can well imagine, filming wildlife requires a good deal of patience. Wild animals do not always cooperate and can sometimes be unpredictable. More than once the Swerers have had to seek the protection of a spruce tree to save them from the explosive charge of an angry bull moose in rut. Bob Swerer Productions 1.800.737.0239
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