Alone in the Wilderness - the story of Dick Proenneke


Dick Proenneke left Twin Lakes for the last time in 1999. He was 82 years old, and the extreme cold and hard physical work were becoming too much for him. His brother Raymond (Jake) convinced Dick to move in with him back in California where Dick spent the remaining 3 years of his life.

He donated his cabin to the US Park Service, and it is now part of Lake Clark National Park.

Dick Proenneke died April 28, 2003.

Bob Swerer produced the video "Alone in the Wilderness" in 2003. Bob edited more of Dick's previously unseen footage to create this film of Dick and his adventures in Alaska.

Bob Swerer produced the video "Alaska Silence & Solitude" in 1998. In 1997 Bob Swerer and Bob Swerer Sr flew to Twin Lakes to visit with Dick Proenneke and explore the Twin Lakes region.

Bob Swerer produced the video "The Frozen North" in 2006. Dick Proenneke shot over 3000 feet of 8mm movie film. Bob edited the film and added sound to create this fascinating film of one man living alone in the Alaska wilderness.

Bob Swerer produced the video "ALONE IN THE WILDERNESS PART II" in 2011 after Dick's brother Raymond discovered more old footage that had never been seen before, which includes more building and carving, canoeing and outstanding wildlife footage.

Sam Keith, a close friend of Dick Proenneke, wrote "One Man's Wilderness: An Alaskan Odyssey" based on Dick's journals and photographs in 1973. His book begins when Dick flies into Twin Lakes May 17, 1968. It ends on September 25, 1970 when Dick returns to Iowa to spend the winter.

The National Park Service published "More Readings from One Man's Wilderness" in 2005. John Branson, another friend of Dick Proenneke, continues where Sam Keith left off, using excerpts from Dick's journals to describe the Twin Lakes area and Dick Proenneke. Bob Swerer Productions 1.800.737.0239
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